Our journey is marked by key milestones, each paving the way towards a more inclusive real estate ecosystem:
Q4 2023
Close Seed Round: Unlocking capital to start business endeavours.
Acquisitions: Kick-start a strategic drive to identify and secure promising real estate assets, prioritizing emergent markets and underpriced opportunities.
Rentals: Launch an innovative approach to managing rental properties, targeting areas with high demand.
Commercial Lending: Roll out specialized financial support programs aimed at budding and medium-scale real estate projects.
Community Activation: By utilizing social channels and events, the LuxPSG Global community will start to be formed.
Q1 2024
Launch LUX: With the launch of LUX, the governance token of LuxPSG Global, the general public will participate in a more meaningful way within the ecosystem.
sLUX Goes Live: Holders can stake LUX for sLUX giving them voting rights and staking rewards.
Share First Financial Reports: Ensuring transparency in the LuxPSG Global ecosystem.
Development: Explore investment opportunities in various development projects, assessing potential partnerships and feasibility.
Acquisitions: Broaden our portfolio with diverse property types, focusing on both immediate revenue generators and long-term value assets.
Rentals: Fully implement our rental management strategy, diversifying our rental portfolio to cater to a wide range of market segments.
Commercial Lending: Refine our lending approaches based on initial outcomes and feedback, adapting to market needs and borrower profiles.
Initial Buyback: Market buying LUX tokens with previous 25% of X months of profit.
Q2 2024
Development: Assess and potentially invest in a variety of development ventures, keeping options open for both direct and collaborative projects.
Acquisitions: Continue to amplify our acquisitions, focusing on integrating newly acquired assets into our diverse portfolio.
Rentals: Further enhance our rental operations, incorporating value-added services and responding to market and tenant feedback.
Commercial Lending: Expand our lending services scope, potentially entering new markets or sectors, leveraging the successful models developed in our initial phases.
Centralized Exchange Listing: Enabling a broader audience to access the LuxPSG Global ecosystem.
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